Frustrating day

Hi, this is my first time blogging so please guide me if I am wrong anywhere.

I am a university student and being in Chennai right now is a very hectic thing.There are strikes everywhere with tamilians expressing their view to remove the ban on jallikattu. Being a college student now is quite troublesome since the strike is itself carried out by college students.

Anyways before you begin to think that this blog is about jallikattu , let me tell you that this blog is for sharing my personal thoughts which I rarely do with anyone as I am your shy type of person. So as usual I went to college today only to find out that there is no college today😱😱😱. And the best part was I was 10 minutes away from my college and mind you my house is an hour away from my college. I was seriously frustrated but I decided to check with the staff and so went on ahead. But you know what ,we had college today and on reaching there a few of my mates had  come too. We went to the class and why do you think happened??

We were freaking scolded for coming today and for not having uniformity among us and blah blah blah. We then had to sit for 3 hours 😭😭😭just for attendance and then decided to leave.

And then fast forward to the present,I came across my other mates chatting and freaking scolding us for not knowing about respect for our culture. They were liked how could you do this we are like protesting for our culture and yet you don’t respect us or what . And his literally fired me up and so I am here.

I know some of you might think that I should have given them an earful but unfortunately I have to meet them for he next some years and so isn’t it better to keep quiet and listen than to burst out and make enemies.

Well after all this I got literally so frustrated and say on my couch for say an hour nd then told my mom only to get scolded again. I was like what the hell ‘am I like supposed to hear everyone’s pent up anger today and be blamed again and again’😤😤😤 and  so I wrote this blog.

I am seriously new to this entire thing , so I hope to write better and more interesting blogs in the futue.🦀🦀

Hope I wasn’t too boring and didn’t whine a lot.